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I've decided to rename a few American Cities because they have terrible and lazy names.

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Name Rename Explanation
Jacksonville, Florida Beagville Béag means Crown in old English, and Jack & Jill broke their "Crowns" in the story so I guess this kind of links.
Oklahoma City Adanelvton Adanelvi or something is "Building" in Cherokee (spelt phonetically because I couldn't find a good online dictionary for it)
Suffolk, Virginia Estfolk "Est" is Middle English for "East" and it would make more sense because Virginia is mostly on the East.
Colorado Springs Fontesville Latin for Springs
Boulder City, Nevada Scopulu "Scopulus" is Latin for Boulder.
Georgetown, Georgia Stavrosa Greek for "Cross", since Saint George's flag is a red cross.
Mesa, Arizona Portokali Greek for "Orange", because Mesas are Orange [Citation Needed].
Brownsville, Texas Kastanosa Greek for "Brown" with an 'a' on the end.
Portland, Oregon Limania Greek for "Port" with an 'a' on  the end.
Birmingham, Alabama Neosingham "Neos" is "new" in Greek, -ingham means "People" and "Farm" in Old Engish.
Columbia, South Carolina Flurgrain "Flur" is "flower" in Old English
Suprise, Arizona Amasian Amasian is "Amaze" in Old Englsh
Boston Trimountaine The old name, not a townname stolen from Ireland
Washington Potomac City Named after the river, so it doesnt get confused with the state


  • New Jersey - Scheyichbi (tribal name)
  • New York - New Yorkshire
  • New Hampshire - Pennacook (tribe that lived there)
  • New Mexico - Hahoodzo (tribal name)
  • Georgia - Arkaqua (tribal name)