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  • An episode where Jerry runs over Tammy with a bus and kills Tammy.


  • An episode where Rick finds the Rick who owns the Jerry daycare center and kills him and takes it over.

AimeeLouiseXoxo’s Ideas list:

•An episode where we ,as the audience, are seeing Rick’s relationship with his wife in first person from the perspective of his wife. For example when they have Beth and how they broke up etc.

•(Taken from my fanfic novel) Where Rick passes a character the Mr Meeseeks box however it ends with the Meeseeks almost raping that character. And then Rick saves them.

•Rick fathers a baby with Unity by accident and has to take care of it without the rest of his family finding out. Morty suspects something and asks whether he was planning something. Rick doesn’t confess which causes Morty to think Rick will run away again and everything ends up going from 0 to 100 from there.

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they all die lol

but it's another universe so it doesn't matter

nihilism cool lmao