This is all the lore for tin's/bain's/squirrel's serbers.

Era of the Tin

This was called the Era of the Tin because the timeline and architecture was straightforward. Nations such as Kaelia, Liechtenstein, Palau, Tonga, Benelux, Montenegro & Mountainberg, Polith, Slovenia, Smyar Khanate, UAE and Geramica arose. Benelux made these Anachronism Generators 

The Great Corruption

Due to Benelux's Anachronism Generator breaking, the world was razed to superflat. Montenegro & Mountainberg forseen the world's end and built a ship known as the Montenegro Ship to survive the explosion, only very few people got onto the ship... For a short time in the superflat, a Giant City was attempted but it failed and the world later became normal again; Kingdom of India arose, which was the richest country at the time was controlled secretly by survivors of Benelux.

Era of Randomness

This was called the era of Randomness because the timelines and technologies are convergant in this realm. Dino Café was made because of GRAND DAD, and soon a knockoff- Trino Cafe- was made. The Montenegro Ship landed here. Benelux and Montenegro & Mountainberg survived into these worlds and still thrive to this day. However they exist more as secret societies or organisations. A person named Narry decided to quit Benelux's government as he thought they were unreliable, but you can't quit Benelux so he had to escape.

The Minor Corruption

A person came and messed with the controls of Benelux's corruptors- thankfully, it was only slightly corrupted. The only survivors being the people who went on the Montenegro Ship to the future. (And their ancestors) and the person who messed with Benelux's corruptors. Years later, out of the ruins of the old world, City-states like Al-Salvador, Miami, Realton, Spawnstadt, Jungletonand Vienna arose. Some of them were built on old cities- Vienna and Spawnstadt on the old spawn town, Miami on Damstad... Jungleton also created a museum to the past. Benelux bought out Trino Café, and made it a corporation...

Survivors: New Montenegro

People survived the minor corruption, most which were Montenegrin or Mountainbergian, migrated 10,000 blocks away to make a new settlement, and made a second Montenegro Ship.

Some of the corruption still remains, and it is still a threat to the worlds...

Area of the Treehouse

A trillion kilometres away is Squirrel719's server, where it is barely affected by corruptions, but exact coincidentally identical nations such as Tonga, Samoa, Niue, East Samoa & Other nations exist here in a huge ocean with over 100 islands. Minecraft Is Infinite Afterall. They have Ghast Hyperballs as weapons which can make extremely glitchy and distorted craters, a test site for it deforested a large area and underground a large area known as the Nexus was founded.

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