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SharpText is a Word Processor (Like Microsoft Word or Google Docs) which was created in 2018 and is unique for using a modified MediaWiki as its engine.



Make a collage of pictures without the layout messing up or affecting text, any margin size is acceptable. Add text box tiles so you can integrate text easily and captions

Image Captions & Borders

Add borders to pictures and customise the style of captions - even in galleries

Source Editor

Use Source Editor as a way of editing in code to get exactly what you want - EVERYTHING in the page can be edited from source

Quick Source

Click on an image or entire gallery to view its source code and change it without having to wait for Source Editor to load

Clean Interface

No trillions of tabs to confuse you


Toggle Page Division

Dividing pages is an option - You can keep the entire document as one scroll if you don't want to print it

Insert Tables

Insert Tables and delete/create single cells easily

Clean Paragraphs

No strange unexplainable spaces between paragraphs


Change the background to remove the boring grey space outside your page

Clean Pasting

Paste text so it actually matches the document's format and no more having to change the font, size and colour every time


Upload images to have them inside a paragraph so they blend in to the text. They can be up to 64px square