-Emperor lost his power after the defeat, now Shogun rules Japan.

-Northern clans gained more power, Southern clans lost their popularity and strength but still can rule their lands.

-Shogun again blocks foreign trade, now its allowed only for Korea, Qing, Netherlands and France (for help in the war).

-France starts a cooperation with Shogunate.

Second Half of XIX century

-French military advisers upgrading some parts of Shogunate army, but Samurais are still important.

-French - Japanese alliance is created.

-USA stopped their anti-shogunate policy.

-More Samurais starts to use hand guns.

-Japanese economy slowly growth stronger.

-Clan leaders improving their lands, it makes localism more important.

XX Century

START OF WWI -Shogunate joins to the Allies.

-Shogunate army invades German colonies on the Pacific Sea.

-Revolution in Russia started, Shogunate lands on Sakhalin (Secretly want to take this island), and in Vladivostok.

-After the White Movement defeat, Japan annexes the Sakhalin and Kuril Islands.


-Japan gains South Pacific Mandate, Sakhalin and Kuril Islands.

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