ShrekBall is the titular protagonist of the ShrekBall franchise. He is FionaBall's husband, DonkeyBall and PussBall's best friend, and the ogreBall triplets' father.

Shrek lives in a swampBall in the middle of the forest by himself. At first, he appears to like being by himself and enjoys scaring CountryBalls, but not hurting them. Even though his background is unknown, it is assumed that CountryBalls think ogreBalls kill people even though ShrekBall is harmless.

One day, in the forest, a talking donkeyBall named DonkeyBall runs into ShrekBall, followed by a group of knightsBall. The knightsBall order ShrekBall to be arrested, but ShrekBall scares them off and saves DonkeyBall. DonkeyBall is grateful and thanks ShrekBall repeatedly. ShrekBall tries to get rid of DonkeyBall by roaring at him, but DonkeyBall only compliments him on it and comments that his breath stinks. ShrekBall forces DonkeyBall stays the night outside of ShrekBall's house. However, more fairy tale creatures soon arrive and begin to dominate his swamp. ShrekBall learns from that that Lord FarquaadBall has dumped them all there. ShrekBall doesn't care that the other fairy tale creatures lost their homes and wants them gone. Outraged, ShrekBall takes DonkeyBall and goes to his castle to demand his swampBall back.


A comic with shrek that was actually uploaded to /r/polandball during april fools