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  • An episode where Bart goes on the internet and becomes addicted to memes
  • A part two episode to "We're on the road to Doh'where" - At the end of the original episode, Bart & Homer ended up in a prison in Nevada and Marge ended up in Springfield Prison. This is about Lisa finding and going to jobs and the rest of the family's experience in the prison
  • They go on a roadtrip around Europe
  • Another  Shauna Episode
  • An episode where Krusty the Clown is killed off and Princess Penelope and Sideshow Mel date, and actually stay together towards the end of the episode.
  • Another episode about Comic Book Guy and his Girlfriend.
  • A school episode where Bart replaces Millhouse with Lewis as his best friend
  • An episode where Lenny and Carl get dates, and at the end one becomes a permanent date of the other
  • An episode about Homer and Barney's friendship
  • An episode where Springfield somehow becomes rich and it becomes really well developed.


  • A final episode
  • An episode that is the last one in the series
  • An episode where it ends
  • An episode where they become gypsies and move to Romania. (Bain makes a guest appearance in this one)


  • An episode where the simpsons flee to Mexico because they are scared of Trump
  • An episode where Bart and the sweatsons get sucked into the internet and they turn into dat bois
  • An episode where Lisa makes a nuclear reactor for a science project and Bort steals it and turns it into a nuclear bomb factory but then Mr bruns shoots bort and the nuke and then the whole world goes kablooey
  • An episode where they become the habsburgs and start inbreeding until 50 generations later when "The Simpburgs" become an underdeveloped species because lol evolution catholiks xddd offense
  • An episode where Springfirld becums a socialist country (the bad kind) and gets trampeled by skinner's nudes and the US government.
  • An episode where they keep killing Snowball and his cat replacements until cats become extinct
  • An episode where a sex crazed hummer reenacts the epic of gilgamesh until he contracts every STD known to man and dies
  • An episode tv movie movie documentary publicity stunt showing live footage of a krusty burger being digested for 18 hours until it comes out of homer's ass



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