• 9/11 never happened
  • iraq war never happened
  • pakistan afghanistan and turkmenistan are christian countries
  • isis and other terrorist groups dont exist
  • bashar al assad won the syrian civil war
  • john mccain won the 2008 election
  • george bush is more popular
  • trump wins 2016 election and he is finishing his wall
  • the european migrant crisis is still happening and big support for right-wing parties
  • most of caucassia is akhzerian
  • rebels won ukranian war
  • brexit happened
  • increase in muslim and atheistic population in europe and canada. USA becomes a christian socially conservative country
  • buddhism and christianity rises in south korea
  • baathist party still rules iraq
  • nyasaland and north rhodesia (now northern carlosia) are

countries ruled by portuguese minorities (the 1890 ultimatum never happened) I GUESS THAT IS ALL SO LET'S GO TO THE STORY!

February 2022

It's a cold morninh in NYC... Here on the office of the World Trade Centyer works John Florenttini, an officer of Italian descent, but he isn't the protagonist of this story! Let's focus more on this story...

Florenttini: Erm Mrs. Scoff, do you have the papers I asked

Mrs. Scoff: What papers are you talking about?

Florenttini: The papers the boss asked for?

Mrs. Scoff: No I didn't have your stupid papers...

Florenttini: B-BUT I NEED THEM!

Mrs. Scoff: Get them yourself, idiot...

Florenttini: Mrs. Scoff, I won't tolerate your language in my office! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!

Mrs. Scoff: Whatever Florenttini, I'm going to drink my coffee.

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