Spengebab is a seasponge in bekyny battom. He lives in a Pineapple next to Swuedwad and Petreck. His last name is Scoare Ponts.


Spengebab and his friends

He works at the Kresty Krob where the ocean-famous Krobby Potties are sold.

Episode I: The Spatola

Spengebab walks in circles for three hours and decides to get a job because he is bored. Petreck goes up to Swuedwad and shouts in his ear and Swuedwad blows up.

Episode II: The lef blöer

Spengebab gets a job from the Kresty Krob and then he decides to inflate Swuedwad. Petreck then says that spengebab decides too much

Episode III: Sondy's Trehoose

Spengebab says he hates Petreck because he says Spengebab decides too much. Spengebab then runs away from him and his pet snail called Geraldine. He finds this restaurant named Sondy's Trehoose owned by a mutant seahorse named Sondy Checks. He then finds out that there is no water in the dome so he drowns. Sondy then eats him.  

Episode IV: Geraldine's Squishy

Spengebab is then pooped out by Sondy Checks and they become friends, then Mr. Krobs, the boss of the Kresty Krob looks for Spengebab, and then they look for Petreck which has also ran away with Geraldine, and then they found out that Geraldine had squishy with Petreck and gave birth to Plenktren, which is Mr.Krob's evil enemy because he is green but not money. 


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