This is the page containing the fish avatars of Squirrel719 from 25th March to 7th April. And from 14th June to 1st July.

Choosing a fish (For Second Wave)

  1. The fish must be Freshwater, so it cannot be saltwater fish
  2. It must be Approved by squirrel719
  3. It must be requested in the Comments of this page
  4. If you give him an exact picture, it must be Square/nearly shaped to fit in the avatar box
  5. Squirrel will also allow Young Versions of fish that change pattern during the fish's life (e.g: Boesmani Rainbowfish)

Squirrel719 (talk) 09:17, March 28, 2016 (UTC)

First Wave - Tropical Marine Fish

This was the first wave, it ended after 15 days.


Picture Date Notes
Powder Blue Tang
25/3/16 Idk if this is the right picture but my laptop broke and i lost the original. FOUND IT!
Flame Angelfish
Flame angelfish
26/3/16 All IMC sees is steak 
Salfin Tang
27/3/16 Salfin' Guud
Longnosed Butterflyfish
28/3/16 ^ The pun above is terrible
Empror Angelfish (yg)
29/3/16 ^ The note above is not related to the fish
Golden Spadefish
30/3/16 ^ pls
Banded Angelfish
31/3/16 Should be called Botswanafish
Picasso's Triggerfish
Picasso Triggerfish
1/4/16 For April Fools i choose this really ugly fish
Blue-Green Chromis
2/4/16 Should be called Aqua Chromis for fuck's sake.
Black Clownfish
3/4/16 Less Relevant Clownfish (I still like it though)
Teardrop Butterflyfish
4/4/16 I didn't change this until midday lol
Illuminati Pyramid Butterflyfish
5/4/16 Fuu I should have done this yesterday instead
Blue Tang
6/4/16 Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming,
Purple Tang
7/4/16 I like this fish, I haven't heard of it much though, although I have one in my local fish shop.

Second Wave - Freshwater Fish

This is the current second wave, request here!

NOTE: I will do stuff like Zebra Catfish, Marble Hatchetfish and other Gouramis and Tetras and etc. NOTE: This one was cut short because bain and others told me to switch to old dogesquare pic

Fish Picture Date Notes
Three-Spot Gourami
InstagramCapture 4981fa40-29d6-4e9d-a309-0ee748daf2b5
14/6/16 Dedicated to my three new fish of the same species.
15/6/16 This is a surprise for Luki1223 :)
Neon Tetra
File:Neon tetra 110601a4 w0640.jpg
17/6/16 UPDATE: I will sometimes change them every 2 days
Salfin Molly
18/6/16 Since these fish look ugly I will name this one "Shaniqua"
Leopard Danio
10/6/16 I will get these fish soon I guess.
L134 Leopard Frog Plecostomus
21/6/16 Idk if the picture or L-number is right
Croaking Gourami
23/6/16 Croak croak Croak leave eu remove eu (This is how intrusive the stupid leave campaign is)
Black Widow Tetra
25/6/16 This represents my soul after the EU referendum results.
Southern Platyfish
28/6/16 Sorry I am late for this one. This is a picture of my own fish but it might be one of the two dead ones since it was taken ages ago.
Freshwater Angelfish
3915 6
1/7/16 FINALLY a fish requested by someone. (THANK YOU KQRC)