The Chad Agreement is an agreement designed by Nigeria, Libya, Niger, Sudan, Central African Republic, and Chad's remaining government. It is the process of moving Chad's districts into the neighbouring countries to help revive Lake Chad to make it a shipping lane between the countries.



Chad's economy completely collapsed in late 2018 and the government abandons a lot of areas because it doesn't have enough money to run them, and it has been in a civil war since 2008. The neighbouring countries and the remaining government have to quickly stop terrorists from rising in the country but this then leads to a huge project to make Chad's regions an economic hub.

Part 1 - Land Border Change (2019-2020)

The Republic of Chad is removed from the map, with neighbours taking its land (Libya, Sudan and CAR have calmed down at this point). The people of Chad have the right to move across the borders as much as they want. This allows ethnicities to be together rather than be divided by colonial borders. 5 new regions are established which are autonomous (one in each country). Since the Treaty of Tokyo in 2050; Malgerina (Niger), Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ubangishari (CAR), as well as Togo and Benin have had completely open borders.

Part 2 - Lake Chad Regrowth (2020-2028)

Lake Chad has been shrinking over the past 40 years, and that has been making the area drier. Water from the sea is filtered and pumped to the lake. This was funded by the UN and other countries across the world. The lake is also grown to be twice as big, and the people living there are relocated to the coastline along Lake Chad which will improve because of the next few projects

Part 3 - The Green Belt Movement (2023-2060)

Basically this movement is spread around Lake Chad a lot more so there are more farms, and more protected environment which won't dry up

Part 4 - Cities (2031-2056)

New cities are to be built along the coastline of Lake Chad. These are huge eco-cities which are very spread out and the biggest one is Oudrou, in Malgerina. This plan was proposed by Niger before Mali conquered Niger to become Malgerina in 2032.


Lake Chad's Cities. Named cities were once small towns and villages before the lake was grown. Darker blue is 1950s Laek Chad.

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