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These are the countries in my Alternate Future Timeline, flags and description of hopefully a lot of countries are coming soon.


World map of 2060


North Arabia

Kingdom of Phoenicia Phoenicia

After ISIS died, people had found that almost all of Western Syria & Lebannon's historical monuments and buildings were destroyed. The area was very unpopulated due to ISIS's war crimes which killed almost everyone for the tiniest excuses. This lead to huge amounts of archaeologists moving there to find even more historial lost buildings. They found many more buildings, mostly from the Phoenician era. Many people came from other countries to try and repopulate the area too.

The archaeologists learnt much more about ancient Syria and they started communicating in Phoenician for fun. This lead to an entire reborn culture, within only a few years. Since then Phoenicia has been building up a unique type of architecture and its unique language. Tourism have came due to the newly-discovered ruins from the ancient era.

Republic of Assyria

Kingdom of Mesopotamia Mesopotamia

Kingdom of Jordan

Kingdom of Kuwait

Republic of Israel

Republic of Palestine

South Arabia

Saudi Arab Republic

Kingdom of Bahrain

Republic of Qatar

United Arab Emirates

Sultanate of Oman

Yemen Free State YemenFreeState


Kingdom of Morocco

Democratic Republic of Algeria

Republic of Tunisia

Democratic Republic of Libya

Kingdom of Egypt Egypt-flag2

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Democratic Republic of Mauritania


Republic of Cabo Verde

Canary Islands (Castille)

Azores (Portugalicia)

Madiera (Portugalicia)


This region is Western Africa - The name was from Liberia which has since disappeared. But the name still works for much of West Africa to show their freedom from colonial powers.

Malgerine Kingdom MalgerineKingdomFlag

Malgerine Kingdom is a new and large country in Africa. After Mali took over Niger and Niger-occupied Burkina-Faso, it tried out the idea of an empire-like model, and it worked. It built new eco-cities around Lake Chad and has been tackling climate change by stopping the Sahara expanding using the Great Green Wall.

Republic of The Senegal

Republic of The Gambia

Republic of North Guinea

Republic of Guinea

Republic of Sierra Leone

Republic of Cote D'Ivorie

Kingdom of Ghana Ghana

Republic of Togo

Democratic Republic of Benin

Kingdom of Nigeria

Greater Horn of Africa

Republic of Sudan

Republic of Eritrea

Djibouti Free State

Djibouti Free State has turned out to be a success - After liberation from Saudi Arabia's occupation, it reformed its government and made itself into a nation like Switzerland or Singapore since it was small, and Africa didn't have a state like Switzerland or Singapore at the time, it is still growing despite a small stumble in 2050 where tax havens had to change their systems.

Kingdom of Abyssinia

Republic of Somalia

Democratic Republic of Somaliland

East African Federation East African Federation-flag

The East African Federation was one of the first African nations to be pulled out of poverty. It has collaborated in removing corruption in governments and is now a power of Africa. In the 2030s it had a large project to help fix environmental problems in surrounding countries and in itself.

Greater Congo

Republic of Cameroon

Democratic Republic of Ubangishari

Formerly known as Central African Republic

United Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo has grown thanks to its stabilised government and amount of sustainable resources. It started a new capital and major city in its tiny coastline in the 2020s and since then teamwork of Congo's people have brought it out of trouble.

Republic of Gabon

Republic of Fangeia

Formerly known as Equatorial Guinea

Sao Tome & Principe (Portugalicia)

Republic of Angola


Kingdom of Madagascar

Republic of Comeros

Republic of Mauritus

Commonwealth of The Seychelles

Southern Africa

Commonwealth of Zambia

Commonwealth of Mozambique

Commonwealth of Namibia

Commonwealth of Botswana

Republic of Zimbabwe

Kingdom of Swaziland

Kingom of Lesotho

Republic of South Africa


Antarctica has still maintained its freedom from colonisation in the past 50 years. It has strict environmental protection but tourist resorts in Antarctica have been made to affect the environment in the smallest way possible. There is a small permanent population now too. The Chilean-English-Argentine claims have stopped overlapping and have been split fairly. The Antarctic Organisation - A division of the UN has been managing the area and any country can make a settlement in Antarctica; no matter the claims.





Republic of Kazakhstan

Republic of Uzbekistan

Republic of Turkmenistan

Socialist Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Socialist Republic of Tajikistan

Republic of Afghanistan

Republic of Persia Persia


Republic of United Korea

Korea is happily united - It was a long process to show North Koreans the real world but it was done without causing controversy. Korea and Japan have since been friends and not competitors, they have evened out and their economies are very similar.

Kingdom of Japan

Greater Mongolia

Kingdom of Mongolia

Western China

Kingdom of Tibet

Kingdom of Bhutan

Eastern China

Democratic Republic of China ChinaNew

Republic of Taiwan


United Continent of Hindustan UnifiedIndian


Democratic Republic of Myanmar

Republic of Laos

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Kingdom of Thailand

Kingdom of Cambodia

East Indies

Republic of The Philippines

Republic of Singapore

Commonwealth of Malaysia

Nation of Brunei: Adobe of Peace

Federation of Indonesia Indonesia-flag


British Isles

Republic of Iceland

Jan Mayen (Norway)

Faroe Isles (Denmark)

Shetland Isles (England)

Commonwealth of Scotland

Republic of United Ireland Irelandsq

Kingdom of England

Commonwealth of Wales

Grand Duchy of Dumnonia Southwesterland

Commonwealth of the Isle of Mann

Balliwick of Guernsey (England)

Balliwick of Jersey (England)


Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Norway

Kingdom of Sweden

Republic of Finland


Russian Federation

Republic of Estonia

Duchy of Latvia

Kingdom of Lithuania

Republic of Prussia Kalingrad

Kingdom of Poland

Republic of Czechia

Republic of Slovakia

Republic of Ruthenia Flag of Carpathian Ruthenia

Republic of West Ukraine Ukraine-flag

Alpine Region

Republic of Brittany

French Republic

Federation of Switzerland

Kingdom of Wallonia

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Kingdom of The Netherlands

Duchy of Frisea

Democratic Republic of Germany

Kingdom of Liechtenstein

Kingdom of Austria

Republic of Italy

Republic of Malta


Kingdom of Andorra

Republic of Aragon

Republic of Navarre

Kingdom of Castille

Kingdom of Portugalicia Flag Kingdom portugal

The Balkans & Anatolia

Duchy of Slovenia

Republic of Bosnia Bosnia

Republic of Corkovnia Flag of Corkovnia Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia Flag of Greek Macedonia

Grand Duchy of Montenegro

Republic of Albania

Kingdom of Greece

Republic of Cyprus

Kingdom of Hungary

Kingdom of Romania

Kingdom of Bulgaria

Republic of Croatia Croatia1

Republic of Serbia

Republic of Constantinople Constantinople-Istanbul

Republic of Crimea

Republic of Anatolia Anatolia

Republic of Kurdistan


Republic of Georgia

Kingdom of Armenia

Kingdom of Azeribaijan

North America

North American Federation NorthAmericanFederationB (NorthAmericanFederation Alternate Flag)


North American States

North American Federation is a new and huge country with many cultures. In recent years Native North American Cultures have strengthened hugely as the NAF gives full human rights and support, with the Worldwide Tribal Organisation; they have their own rising architecture for proper houses. English, Native Amercan Languages, Spanish and French are mainly spoken here. Borealia during the Windsorian Era was known as the United States which slowly lost good relations with other countries, and it had little to no regulations for companies, so they grew and took over the government, and created private armies to harm more nations. Today all trace of that has disappeared, and the praries and destroyed habitats are growing back. North America contains Hollywood and its capital New York which had a large involvement in the rise of the Film Industry with great classics such as Star Wars, The Lion King and Back to the Future. The North and South ends of the country (Called México and Canada) have great food descending from their colonial roots and slowly new food is growing in Borealia where it was previously criticised for being far too artificial and unhealthy.

It has 48 states.


Arctic America


Greater Cascadia

Prarie Region

Old Canada

New England

Central Borealia


The Caribbean

Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Socialist Republic of Cuba

Republic of Hispanola Hispanola

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Republic of Jamaica

Commonwealth of Antigua & Barbuda

Republic of Dominica

Commonwealth of Saint Kitts & Nevis

Commonwealth of Saint Lucia

Commonwealth of Grenada

Commonwealth of Barbados

Commonwealth of the Antillean Isles

Commonwealth of Trinidad & Tobago

Commonwealth of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Insthmus of America

Chiapas Republic

Republic of Guatemala

Commonwealth of Belize

Republic of Honduras

Republic of El Salvador

Republic of Nicaragua Nicaragua-flag

Kingdom of Costa Rica

Republic of Panama




The Federated States of Micronesia

Republic of the Marshall Islands

Republic of Nauru

Republic of Palau


Republic of United Timor UnitedTimorFlag

Republic of United Papua

Commonwealth of the Solomon Islands

Republic of Vanuatu

Republic of New Caledonia


Republic of Fiji

Kingdom of Hawaii

Republic of Kiribati

Commonwealth of New Zealand NZNew

Republic of the Samoan Isles Samoa

Kingdom of Tonga

Commonwealth of Tuvalu

Australian Federation Australia

Tropical Australia

Temperate Australia

South America

Gran Colombia

Republic of Colombia

Oriental Republic of Venezuela Venezuela-flag

Socialist Republic of Ecuador Ecuador

Andes Region

Republic of Peru Peru

Republic of Chile

Republic of Bolivia


Commonwealth of Guyanna

Republic of Suriname

Guiana (France)

Lesser Brail

Brazilian Federation

Greater Cisplatina

Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Oriental Republic of Paraguay

Republic of Argentina

Greater Patagonia

Republic of Patagonia Patagonia

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