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This is a list of co-orperations affected due to the Treaty of Tokyo's new policies created in response to WW3.


When World War 3 started, many patriotic companies from the axis countries went too far - they became "rogue coorperations" which started making unreliable and sometimes dangerous products. Many made propaganda and conspiracy theories. USA legalised Private Armies so companies started having large defense and attack systems too.

The Treaty of Tokyo ordered the investigation of over 3000 companies, and this uncovered many dark secrets. A CEO of one company had 520x more money than one of their workers in retail. Many famous companies were shut down for violating laws across many countries.

Coorperations shut down

Coorperation Reason Aftermath
Viacom (Owner of MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, etc.) Propaganda, inappropriate and indecent content shows across its channels
EA Propaganda, racism against Native Americans in some games, Corruption
Apple Slave Labour, Mercury found in some products, Many security breaches, Corruption (Upper ranks get way more money compared to lower ranks or bribary), Private Army
BP Corruption, Environmental Destruction, Supporting Illegal Logging, Private Army
Shell Corruption, Environmental Destruction
Comcast Corruption, Illegal consumer data usage, Poor Service & Unfair pricing
Google Illegal consumer data usage, Security Breaches Google Search is made Open-Source again and other search engines use its code.
Fiat Illegal Emission Rates, Slave Labour
Esso (ExxonMobil) Corruption, Environmental Destruction, Slave labour on some oil rigs across 4 African Countries, burning down of villages, Private Army
Tesco Propaganda, Poor Service, Unfair Pricing
Activision1 Corruption, Propaganda
Nestlé Corruption, Propaganda, Massively Unhealthy Products, Slave Labour, Private Army Some of Nestlé survives but split up: Aero, Smarties, Giorgo Armani, Maybelline New York survive as entirely independent companies.
Walmart (Including ASDA) Propaganda, Poor Service, Unfair Pricing, Slave Labour, Private Army
Ubisoft Corruption, Propaganda, Inappropriate content
Disney2 Propaganda, Inappropriate content for children, Corruption, Slave Labour for merchandise
Pfizer Unfair Pricing (£2000 for the HIV cure), Unsafe Drugs, Animal & Human Testing
McDonalds Unsafe Food in North America and poorer countries, Slave Labour, Corruption, Hygiene Issues, Unreliable Food
Cartoon Network Corruption, Propaganda, Inappropriate content
Beats Electronics Slave Labour, Unfair Pricing
21st Century Fox Propaganda, Corruption, Bribary Sky is set free and some of 20th Century Fox survives.
Caterpillar Helping the axis bulldoze villages, Corruption
Chevron Corruption, Environmental Destruction, Human Rights Abuses
Ford Corruption, Unfair Pricing, Slave Lavour, Illegal Emission Rates
Dow Chemical Corruption, Human Rights Abuses, Chemical Weaponry, Environmental Destruction, Private Army
DynCorp Environmental Destruction (Including but not limited to destroying agricultural areas), Human Rights Abuses
Monsanto Environmental Destruction, Unsafe Foods, Hygeine Issues, Slave Labour, Private Army
Suez Unfair Pricing, Environmental Destruction, Corruption, Private Army

1 = Blizzard split away from Activision in 2021

2 = ABC, Lucasfilm and Marvel fell out with Disney previously

Coorperations Changed

  • Many supermultinational companies such as P&G or Unilever are split up, where one product = one company.
  • Tobacco is globally banned and many E-Cigarettes too as some still produce tar.
  • Monopolies where huge businesses destroy small local businesses is now frowned upon much more.
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