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Super Polan is a series of games developed by Polami.

List of Games

  • Super Polan Kart - 2017 Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4+
    • Super Polan Kart Lite - 2017 Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Super Polan Platformer - 2019 NES (Free ROM)
    • Super Polan Platformer Remastered - Nintendo Switch, XBOX One X, 3DS, PC
  • Super Polan RPG - 2020 GBA (Free ROM), Nintendo Switch, PS5, XBOX One X, PC
  • Super Polan Kart 2 - 2022 GameCube (Free ROM), Nintendo Lever, PS5, XBOX One X, Dreamcast², PC

Other shit

Versions of the Super Polan games are often released as free ROMs for other console emulators before official release.

Footnotes lol

†Super Polan Platformer Remastered was actually the last game released on the 3DS.

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