In a night, doctor bain test his memes, when this time, it revived something called "circle tools", he run, but he left Smyterat, he kicked a circle tool in the face, a weed smoked his face, which IMC take a banhammer and slipped on butter, falling to circle tools, making himself Circle tools, pls pls pls pls, were his last word, then he blasted fire on his ass, while the virgin of USA, IDrowzee, banned polandvision, then it turned to toolvision, and make collisions infected, while kebabgirl59 got s3x with Kasperball88, IMC grab a bantu and killed both of them, then Bain grab a shotgun and said

"fuck off or die in your dreams", he triggered circle tools, then a spiked bat punched a Reichtangle which he uses boilers, in Wikia chats, the chats get infected, even a fatass blocked it aka 13thCasino, he jumped to break his face, then he draw a MS Paint brushtool bed to survive, the Wife of bain, IDrowzee, tried to use dank memes to get his fat sausages, but banging on the door, A circletool IMC has banged IDrowzee and said


And chedo give sex to a baby named garfield gang, when the baby got raped, scat appeared, making Chedo to be pregnant and give birth to LGBT, and nyancat, a taxi drived by IDrowzee and Obliterador, got PTSD and hit Pisces, and then he dive to a watermelon, when a coca-cola exploded and did 30/8, they destroyed a building, TRB closed his eyes and got xx420rapingnoscopedwithweedxxx EVEN A PEPSI MAX F*CKED A DONKEY WITH A BRITISH ACCCENT, BAIN SHALL FIX THE PROBLEM WITH HIS OWN NEW FORMULA WHICH IS RARE AS ISIS PEPE, CALLED

"Pee of Bainytioum."

From the pregnant of Chedo.

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