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This is a list of TV Channels in Dumnonia which show up on your TV if you pay a TV license, you can get more channels from a TV Recorder like Sky or Virgin or something. This is in 2060 so only like 5% of shows exist from the present day (2017).


  • KW - Cornish
  • EN - English
  • LA - Latin
  • QR - Quark Resolution (Very Very High Resolution and you need a special TV for it with )


Channel Number Channel Name Channel Description Well-known Shows
101 Southwesterland National Southwesterland's National TV Channel National News, National Lottery, CookingAll
102 BBC Dumnonia Pretty much the same as BBC One Dr Who (3rd Revival), BBC News, Strictly Come Dancing,
103 Gwiwer TV EN General TV, similar to ITV and BBC Homeside Ventures, Wikipedia News, Lighthouse
104 Gwiwer TV KW Same but in Cornish
105 Channel 5 Same as Channel 5 from 2017, but it seperated from Viacom at some point. Neighbours
106 Sky Imports from UK, Australia, and Celtic Union Sky News
107 Sky Living Drama shows Zola (Grey's Anatomy Sucessor),
108 Sky Atlantic Imports from North and South America
109 BBC 2 Same as BBC 2 in 2017
110 BBC 4 A mix of Documentaries, older shows and drama
111 W Watch - Mostly reruns and imports from other countries
112 D Dave - Comedy channel
113 G Gold - Popular classic TV shows from around 1960-2040 Vicar of Dibley, Monty Python
114 H SWL Home - Home Renovation & Estate Agent Shows around Dumnonia Homeside Ventures (Older), Charity Home Makeover
115 F SWL GoodFood - Food Shows around Dumnonia CookingAll (Older), Kegilever
116 R SWL Really - A channel mainly focused towards fashion around Dumnonia Gis, LoveFashion, NYStyle, FashionOfAsia
117 E Eden - Environmental Documentaries (Various Old David Attenborough Shows), Species Report
118 A Alibi - A drama-focused channel Bloodcut
119 Y Yesterday - History Documentaries Horrible Histories (Older),
120 UN TV EN United Nations TV in English - International Documentaries and Imports from other smaller countries, etc. UN News, Species Report, AntarcticaLog, SpaceLog
121 UN TV LA United Nations TV in Latin
122 National Geographic A documentary channel with nature documentaries and stuff
123 TrueDocumentary A documentary channel with "Real Documentaries - no stupid road truckers and auction shows"
124 AuctionShack Channel with auction and vintage collecting stuff
125 Internet Channel Internet
126 American Broadcasting Company Various from North America, mainly Drama
127 Australia Broadcasting Company Various from Australia, mainly Drama
128 Rede LA Various from Brazil and South Hemisphere Trade Union Countries
129 China TV LA Various from China
130 East Africa TV EN Various from East African Federation & Surrounding Countries
131 TF1 EN Various from French Countries
132 Celtic TV LA QR Celtic Union's main TV Channel
133 Celtic TV EN In English
134 Celtic TV KW In Cornish
135 Middle East QR LA Various from Arabic Countries
136 Southern Asia International LA Various from United India
137 TVRI LA Various from Indonesia
138 Eurasia TV LA Various from Eurasian Union Countries
139 Europa LA Various from European Union
140 Education Channel Kids Educational TV for ages 5-10 Horrible Histories, Kids News,
141 Paintsplash Kids TV ages 3-5
142 Nest Kids Channel 6-12
143 Music TV LA Music TV from all around the world, (not just America and England)
144 Music TV LA QR In Quark Resolution
145 Creativity Channel KW Art Channel SWL Art,
146 Creativity Channel QR KW In Quark Resolution
147 Nostalgia TV SWL TV of all things old from 1950-2040. Spongebob Squarepants, Dexter's Laboratory, The Simpsons, Futurama, Grey's Anatomy, Crinimal Minds, The Walking Dead, Eastenders, Dr Who (Second Revival), Friends, Nostalgia TV Documentary + Many others
148 Nostalgia TV SWL QR Old TV redone in outstanding QR
149 Film4 SWL The only surviving part of Channel 4, A huge ranage of films from 1960-2060
150 Film4 SWL QR In Quark Resolution
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