36 new elements that can exist thanks to particles that act like protons but are 0.1 of the size and arcane energy which can make them magic and travel faster than light:

  1. Mithril (From myth) - metal, metallic blue, can glow white when near danger
  2. Adamantium (From myth) - metal, metallic green
  3. Runite (From myth) - metal, metallic aqua, can glow blue if enchanted
  4. Erebium (after Erebos, roman god of darkness) - Gas, acts like oxygen and can be used as a replacement when breathing
  5. Saturnium (after Saturn) - Gas, similar to Helium
  6. Jupiterium (after Jupiter) - Gas, similar to Hydrogen
  7. Martium (after Mars) - Metal, burns easily
  8. Trillium - metal, WAY Stronger than titanium, osmium and graphine. Melting point of 4600°C.
  9. Phoenecium - metal, dark blue
  10. add more (no silly names pls)

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