The 2 political parties have collapsed. America is now holding general elections, with no EC. Welcome to the Seventh Party System.

Leftist parties

  • Worker's Party of America Christ, these guys are horrifying. They basically want America to be the USSR, or North Korea.
  • Socialism and Liberation Party The WPA's much more mellow cousin.
  • Labour Party A populist party, left-wing economically and centrist governmentally. Basically, it's Labour.
  • Green Party Literally just OTL's Green Party.
  • Middle Party The centrist option, descended from many of the old Democrats. Changed their name from the Centrist Party to avoid confusion with the Conservative Party on ballots.
  • Queer Party LGBTQ-focused party. Large base, but spread out- doesn't get much seats.
  •  #BlackLivesMatter OTL #BlackLivesMatter, but as a political party.

Rightist parties

  • Conservative Party Descended from the old Republicans. Not that conservative. Pretty chill.
  • Libertarian Party The support base didn't go away. Now one of the most powerful parties in America.
  • TEA Party See OTL Tea Party, but as a seperate party.
  • America First Closest thing they have to a /pol/ or UKIP party.
  • Christian Democrats Christian democrat party. Pretty chill too.
  • USA Under Sharia Now ...Name says it all. Batshit crazy.
  • Religious Nation Party Descended from the Constitution Party. Wants to revise the First Amendment.

Other parties

  • Pirate Party A group of hackers from Silicon Valley. Mainly concerned with copyright.
  • Various Independence Parties Texan Independence Party, Alaskan Independence Party, Californian Independence Party... Imagine 55 different SNPs.
  • Free Islam Made as a response to Muslims for Sharia.

Presidential Candidates (listed in alphabetical order)

  • (A-NY) Donald Trump / (A-VA) Stephen Bannon
  • (B-KY) Shaun King / (B-MD) DeRay McKesson
  • (C-UT) Evan McMullin / (C-OH) John Kasich
  • (D-TX) Ted Cruz / (D-MI) Mitt Romney
  • (F-HI) Aquila Tollemache / (F-AR) Afif Thorburn
  • (G-MA) Jill Stein / (G-DC) Ralph Nader
  • (I-HI) Kahoʻokahi Kanuha / (I-HI) Noenoe K. Silva
  • (L-AZ) Nicholas Sarwark / (L-MA) William Weld
  • (M-NY) Hillary Clinton / (M-DE) Joe Biden
  • (O-VT) Bernie Sanders / (O-MI) Michael Moore
  • (P-VA) John McAfee / (P-DC) Edward Snowden
  • (Q-IN) Cleve Jones / (Q-IL) Andy Thayer
  • (R-TN) Darrell Castle / (R-UT) Scott Bradley
  • (S-CA) Gloria La Riva / (S-DC) Eugene Puryear
  • (T-KY) Rand Paul / (T-IL) Joe Walsh
  • (U-KY) Zahi El-Ghazzawy / (U-NJ) Ibraheem Boulos
  • (W-DC) Bob Avakian / (W-NY) H. Bruce Franklin


LGBT rights

  • For: OGMQBCP
  • Neutral: SLTADF
  • Against: WUR