This is a timeline of Continental Drift's happenings, starting from the present day and going back.

Present Day - 10mya

  • Post-Glacial Rebound causes much of Finland and nearby regions to rise out of the White-Baltic Sea, which is now divided.
  • Hudson Bay, Scotland and Ireland are destorted with Post-Glacial Rebound too.
  • The Chad Sea shrinks, becoming just Lake Chad.
  • The Isthmus of Panama is formed, connecting The Americas.
  • The Caspian Sea becomes a seperate entity from the Black Sea, with the Aral Sea following.
  • The sea's gap between Greece & Anatolia shrinks, forming a Strait.
  • Lake Nicaragua breaks away from the sea.
  • Lakes across the Middle East which are remnants of the Tethys Sea dry up. The Dead Sea's sandbar strengthens before the lake shrinks.
  • Suez is formed, with the Tethys Waterway becoming the Red Sea. The Mediterranean Sea is cut off temporarily and it dries up for 500,000 years, before the Gibraltar Bridge is severed.
  • A stretch of land buldges out of China, this creates the Isle of Taiwan.
  • Sandbars slowly form, almost connecting Sri Lanka and India.
  • The Alps, Himylayas, Norwegian and Andes mountains keep growing.

10mya to 20mya

  • South America drifts near to the Yucatan Peninsula of North America. Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador form.
  • Africa forms a land bridge with Spain
  • Arabia joins with Anatolia and Asia, The Mediterranean Sea is formed.

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