UDMAN or Union of Dank Memes and Anti Normies is a union in Eurasia. UDMAN was created in 2050.


Before UDMAN was created, Pepe, the hunter of normies, met with Benis, the lord of old Finland. Pepe saved Benis from Normia (aka New Scandinavia) and they went to USSR. Benis became the president of USSR after 1 year. He invaded USA and took Alaska, but for revange, CIA kidnapped Pepe. Pepe ran away from them and became leader of Dixieland. He then invaded half of Mexico and half of USA, and because of that USA united with Canada for more power. Meanwhile in Arabia, jews started to invade Egypt and some parts of Arabia, and by that Israel became a superpower. On the other hand, Arabs started to rise like Jews and requested Arabian countries to join them. Only Syria and Iraq denied to join them. And because of that Arabia invaded them with Kebabia (aka Turkey).

Born of an Union

Normies in Europe and in Asia started to make protests against USSR and Dixieland for their hate against Normies. However, USSR and Dixieland started to talk about this problem and by Pepe and Benis' idea, UDMAN was created. They planned to have a country for every main religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Atheism) and they invaded Arabia and Israel to join the union.

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