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The Ultranet is the sucessor to the Internet, it is more efficient and much more secure, it was first created in 2051 and started to become popular in 2055.


  1. Domains are free
  2. All websites end with new country codes with 3 letters with .edu .gov .org .com after

Country Codes (Transliterated to Latin)

  1. Domain names support all alphabets
  2. Websites are made by website designers and all of them scan for viruses attached to the website, meaning no more viruses or security threats
  3. Stock Images are no more (Seriously why would I want to pay £10 for a picture of a flag when I can get a one with official colours on the wikipedia)
  4. Anything 20 years or older looses its copyright
  5. The sucessor to HTTP and CSS is here
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