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Rip planet erth.

Add your own as long as it isnt op, also no magic, sorry :(


  • 3 huge 9.0, 8.7 and 8.6 magnitude earthquakes, first one in Istanbul, then it destabilises Tokyo and San Francisco. Tsunamis also occur in those places and surrounding areas. Smaller earthquakes also appear all across Earth.
  • East African Tectonic Plate becomes suddenly super-active and an immense lava ravine opens up, the lakes on the border heat up and many freshwater life are killed
  • Yellowstone erupts nah that will be way too overpowered
  • Many valleys in China flood (creating 1000 Needles irl), and a Dam bursts.
  • A strange rare Giant Whirlpool Effect happens in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it is caused by strange Techtonic Activity underneath.
  • A volcano erupts in Canery Islands, and causes a huge landslide creating a Supertsunami, it spreads across Western Europe, Western Africa & Carribean & East America.

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